How to Avoid the Negative Effects of Working from Home

If you are working from home, you may experience many difficulties impacting your physical and psychological health. The ‘Work from Home’ culture has become more popular these days after the COVID-19 outbreak. We will help you with some smart solutions to overcome the negative effects of working from your home. Your resting place turns into your working place, so the changes are obvious in your life. Let’s explore some common issues and how you can overcome them.

Face the new challenges introduced by your work from home culture, and find out an easy solution to beat the difficulties.

Prolonged sitting:

Prolonged sitting has become an unavoidable truth for your working life. Since you are working from home, your working hours may also increase. Remember that the longer you sit, the poorer your health will be.

You can sit less and stand more to avoid prolonged sitting. Perform stretching that relaxes your body muscles. Standing desks have huge popularity for beating your desk job boredom. So, you can buy a quality standing desk to sit or stand while working. This way, you can prevent yourself from prolonged standing.

Longer screen time:

Longer screen time is another common factor since you started spending more time before your computer. Eye strain is a common problem that many employees experience. You can reduce your screen time by taking a break in between your works. After work, you can get involved in activities like cooking, working out, or gardening.

Isolation and loneliness:

the ‘working from home’ culture has a negative impact on your psychological health. Feeling lonely is the most common thing for you. You can avoid this isolation by planning a get-together with your friends and family members.

So, this way, you can overcome the challenges of the working from home culture. Having an ergonomic home office will also help you avoid many problems related to common discomforts.

NextErgo smart standing desks:

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Every feature will solve your common working problems. The smooth transition and the fast-lifting ensure that you can change your working positions multiple times a day. Our desk also has hand-level detection technologies that will help you set the desk height properly without your manual efforts.

The AI fitness alerts will remind you to take a break, eat a healthy snack, and drink enough water for your health. So, our smart standing desks prove to be a great addition to your home office. You can pre-book our desk and get exciting deals and discounts. Please visit our official website for more details.

Ketty Simone is an ergonomic expert, having in-depth knowledge in posture correction and the musculoskeletal structure of the human body. She is giving her best